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Helping You Achieve Holistic Wellness Through Massage Therapy

Whether you want to alleviate physical pain or simply feel relaxed, Beyond Massage Therapy has you covered. We offer services such as:

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BodyWalking sampler Tuesday from 12-
11:30 overview talk on the how and why BodyWalking assists Autism and PTSD clients.
30 minute sessions are $30 partial proceeds benefit Autism
Noon to 4pm

Mimosa Yoga Weekends
Mimosa Yoga Weekends (highly therapeutic practice) 8am Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Without $35


BodyWalking Institute

BodyWalking Institute

A highly sought-after service, BodyWalking is a type of deep tissue therapy. A licensed therapist steps on the client's body, carefully applying pressure using their feet. This technique proves to be valuable in improving posture, flexibility, and blood circulation.

Beyond Massage Therapy


The mission of Whole Body Coaching is to provide you the tools needed to be healthy and fit. The work is up to you. I am here to understand you and your life’s schedule so we can optimally dial you in to quality, result oriented time spent training, while having a lot of fun.

Tools include:
• Nutritional Analysis
• Heart Rate Based Training
• Coaching that is balanced for living and racing
• FIRST System Model of Strength Training- Focused, Intensive, Resistance, Slow Training.
• Custom, comprehensive schedule weekly to bi-weekly.

Coaching Options: All require a three month commitment, after that it is month to month. There is a 5% discount if you pay in advance for the three months. Monthly cycles are 4 weeks.

Beyond Stretch Therapy (With Body Walking)

We meld stretch therapy with other massage services to improve the mobility and flexibility of your body. This therapy also prevents excessive tightness of muscles and joints, allowing them to relax without causing pain to the body.

Beyond Massage Therapy

Mimosa Yoga with Julz

Beyond Massage Therapy






Mimosa Yoga Weekends With Julz
Mimosa Yoga Weekends (highly therapeutic practice) 8am Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Without $35


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