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BodyWalking Tuesday
BodyWalking sampler Tuesday from 12-
11:30 overview talk on the how and why BodyWalking assists Autism and PTSD clients.
30 minute sessions are $30 partial proceeds benefit Autism
Noon to 4pm

Mimosa Yoga Weekends
Mimosa Yoga Weekends (highly therapeutic practice) 8am Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Without $35


Beyond Chair Massage
BMT offers in office, work space highly therapeutic wellness opportunities at your place of business. Your staff will love you even more and will increase performance big time. More than corporate chair, which we also offer. BodyWalking as seen on Shark Tank. Hands down, the big winner of our Corporate 500 clients. People want full body BodyWalking, not just the back, but then some. Also available is Miller Myopractics. www.MillerMyopractics.com and www.bodywalking.com
Rates per 2 beyond massage therapists 2 hours $495 or one therapist $405
3 hours $595 or one therapist $475


Beyond Massage Therapy


Relaxing and healing bodies everywhere since 1989. True physical and emotional wellness starts now.


Corporate Chair/Bodywalking Massage “Your Staff Will Love You”

Therapeutic Life Performance Enhancements

Beyond Massage Therapy


Body Walking as seen on Shark tank is highly therapeutic ICT ischemic compression therapy.

Beyond Massage Therapy

Whole Body Coaching

To help you achieve holistic wellness, we offer coaching sessions that focus not only on your physical health but also on your emotional, mental, social, and of course spiritual well-being.

Beyond Massage Therapy


Low back pain, shoulder's not moving the way you know they can.  Knee's a little off, ankle not tracking, head aches?  Miller Myopractics looks forward to working with your body.  Free up today.  As a 35 + time IronMan triathlete, i value the opportunity to feel good every day and live in my body pain free.  Beyond Massage Therapy Established 1989, and The Founder of the BodyWalking Institute, it is my intent to offer your pain free living.  Do the work and reap the reward.  Do the work.

Return on Investment

Guarantee Therapy, we work with people who want to actually improve their body and people open to taking care of themselves. BMT’s Mission: WHERE THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY. This is not a typical fancy spa we provide therapeutic driven results.

Beyond Massage Therapy

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